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ICA in words

The International Chaldean Artist Association "ICA" is a non-profit organization which specializes in the field of visual (Plastic) arts. It comprises a high-profile pick of professional Native Iraqis (Sourth Speak) artists and scholars in areas such as visual arts, architecture and ancient Mesopotamian civilization.

ICA`s main headquarter is USA-Michigan. However it has other divisions in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, besides the homeland (Beth Nahrain).

ICA is the highest international Chaldean art authority and it is concerned with all that pertains to visual arts, architecture and Mesopotamian history. It is also the only legitimate authority to approve heritage projects whether the ones proposed by community organizations, individuals or other local national educational, cultural and social organizations in USA and abroad. ICA is dedicated to provide the required exceptional service, assistance and consultation regarding Mesopotamian, historic and visual arts matters, and furnish information to familiarize people with the international Chaldean impact in the homeland or the immigration destinations.

Furthermore, we are totally ready to take care of trading art shows or hold art exhibitions at art galleries, cultural centers and show halls as long as these services result in supporting Chaldean visual artists and familiarizing the public with their contributions.

In 2008 ICA become fully collaborated with the IRAQI ARTISTS ASSOCIATION IAA as a first step of merging with IAA.

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