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Letter of Authorization


May 17, 2015 | 17 Ayar 7315 k

Amer Hanna Fatuhi
711 W. 13 Mile Rd., Madison Hts., MI 48071 USA
www.AmerFatuhiArt.com  | www.NativeIraqis-Story.com

Re: Chaldean National Flag B Approval for Public Use and Display Worldwide and Limitation of Sales

Effective Immediately:

I, Mr. Amer Hanna-Fatuhi (hereinafter AHF), the creator and designer of the Official Chaldean National Flag (hereinafter CNF) would like to make it clear that I am the sole designer and owner of the Chaldean National Flag in all its versions, which has been copyrighted and registered under my name in Iraq in 1986 and in the USA since October 27, 1997. My latest version of the official Chaldean National Flag was adopted in 1997, and approved worldwide by the two 2011 and 2013 Chaldean International Conventions and re-registered under my name on March 6, 2000.
I have also the sealed the certificate of my 2000 CNF version, dated August 16, 2002. The serial or registration number for the copyright or trademark in question is: Chaldean Flag & Emblem # VAu 489-358 / Library of Congress / Copyright office of the United States, Washington DC / The seal of this Office is affixed hereto on August 16, 2002. The U.S. Federal District Court in E.D. of Michigan has approved the fact that I am the sole intellectual property owner of the CNF. The official design can be found on www.Chaldeanflag.com | www.Chaldean4u.org | www.Kaldaya.net.

I hereby give PERMISSION AND AUTHORITY to any private individual or corporation within the USA or worldwide limited permission and authorization, only to the extent allowed herein, to use the legitimate design of the CNF as long as it will not be reshaped, or form altered, or modified. The official CNF design is my gift to my beloved Chaldean Nation all over the world. Anyone whether a private individual or corporation within the USA or worldwide is permitted and authorized to use the official CNF, and may duplicate, advertise, sell, promote etc., said flag, as long as the net profit will NOT exceed $1,000 USD. Any time the profit from anyone and/or corporation exceeds $1,000 USD generated as profit directly from using the CNF, the person and/or corporation must obtain a written authorization from myself AHF to negotiate, compromise, and establish any short or long term production relationship. Furthermore, whomever uses the official CNF as herein permitted need not report to AHF as it would be my GIFT to All Chaldeans.

Finally, anyone that infringes the CNF copyrighted design as indicated above by reshaping, reforming, altering or modifying the CNF would be accountable for compensation to exceed USD $150,000 from each violating party, in addition to all the revenue that the law entitles for each violation out of profiting that exceeds USD S1,000.  I sincerely wish our beloved Chaldeans Athe indigenous people of Iraq@ all the best. May the LORD bless us all and Godspeed our ancestors’ homeland and the beautiful USA.


Description of the Chaldean National Flag
The Chaldean Flag comprises of two vertical lines in blue pantone 300 C, and a Mesopotamian eight-fold star with two internal circles. The outer circle is yellow, and the inner circle is blue pantone 300 C. The two vertical lines are close to the outer edges of the flag in its traditional proportion (its length = one time and a half its width). On the white square in between them, there is the Chaldean Babylonian eight-fold star from which blue rays radiate, pantone 300 C. The beams of the eight-fold star contain two interlaced red triangles separated by an angle made up of two connected white lines.
You can also find more details on the main page (FLAG A-Z) of the website www.chaldeanflag.com as well as on my home page at: www.amerfatuhiart.com.