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Letter of Authorization
The Eightfold Chaldean Star
Between the Everlasting Rivers, Tigris & Euphrates

Chaldean National Calendar

* 1-11 Nisan/April (Akitu Festival):
Chaldean Babylonian New Year
* 17 Ayar/May: Chaldean Flag Day
* 14 Tammuz/July: Homeland Independence Day
* 1 Aab/August: Martyrs’ Day
* 1 Elul/September: Babylon Day
* 15 Elul/September: Zagmouk Day
“Sacred Tree/Date Palm Festival”
* 21 Adar/March: Mother’s Tongue Day

Chaldean / Syriac
Religious Occasions

As Roman Catholics, we share our brothers
and sisters in faith all the major and minor
religious occasions, we also celebrate tens
of Mesopotamian Saints and Christian
Martyrs’ days.

Chaldean Babylonian Stele “Louvre Museum” That was the inspiration forthe Chaldean Symbol

Who Were Among the First To
Adopt & Salute the Chaldean Flag

(Iraq, USA, Canada, Australia & Europe)

Chaldean Union Democratic Party
Chaldean Democratic Forum
Chaldean National Congress

Organizations and Other Foundations
in the USA & Canada

Chaldean Federation of America
Chaldean Cultural Center of America, Metro Detroit
Community Educational Center, Metro-Detroit
International Chaldean Association
of Professional Visual Artists (ICA)
Babylon Museum Institution, Metro-Detroit
Mesopotamia Art, History & Beyond Center
Chaldean Chamber of Commericce
Chaldean Village Festival, Canada
Chaldean Soccer Association, Canada

Organizations and Other Foundations
in Australia & New-Zealand

Chaldean Federation of Australia
Chaldean Australian Culture Society
Chaldean Society of Auckland, New Zealand
UR Chaldean Academic Society

Organizations and
Other Foundations in Europe

UR Chaldean Association, Denmark
Ur Chaldean Youth, Denmark
Deutsch-Mesopotamien Kulturverien e. V., Germany
Chaldean Clubs & Community Groups
(Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Germany, Holland, Norway, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland)

Chaldeans .. Since The Early Beginning
of Time .. 5300 BC-Present

By Amer Hanna Fatuhi

Price: $25 Plus S&H
(USA $4.00 / Canada $7.00 / Europe $15.00, Australia & New Zealand $17)
Language: Arabic
Format: Paper Cover / Full Color
Size (Inch): 9.75 x 6.5 x 1
Pages: 400
Illustrations, Line Illustrations & Maps

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